We take great pride in our work as you can see. But how can you be sure we’re right for you?

Read some of these testimonials from happy home and business owners and decide for yourself.

We undertook a major home renovation in 2017 and our decision to use Homegrown Builders was a wise one.

Not only was the quality of work very high, we were particularly impressed with Fraser’s communication skills. He kept us well informed of any changes and carefully explained any variations that were required.

My family was also very comfortable having Fraser and his team on site. This was particularly important to us as the kids were only about five and ten.

We have recommended Homegrown Builders to lots of friends and have recently got Fraser back to project manage the site-works for a subdivision we own.


House renovation, Meadowbank

Homegrown Builders built a deck and replaced windows and cladding on the side of my house.

They were recommended to me by other builders and the fact they came and saw me and responded quickly to phone calls and emails and were very pleasant to deal with, made the decision to use them easy.

We really appreciated Fraser’s ability to understand budget constraints and see the grander picture. He constantly worked with us to reduce costs wherever possible while achieving the desired quality and outcomes.

He would tell us where we were at with our budget every morning, explain what his team was doing and what he wanted to get accomplished. He didn’t keep builders on site unnecessarily and apprentices were well managed. We never found anyone just standing around doing nothing.

Fraser was always willing to find and try new products that we wanted to use, while Mike’s
attention to quality was exceptional, to the point where he was ringing up suppliers telling them that the quality of their timber and supplies was not up to grade and to get on site and fix it.

Lastly, when faced with engineering problems caused by the engineers leaving something off the plans that caused the project to grind to a halt, Homegrown Builders went and found people with the skills to fix the problem. Most builders would throw their hands up and say ‘not our problem’ but Homegrown found a solution when the engineers couldn’t. That’s impressive.


Deck and renovation, Meadowbank

We needed the back part of house demoed and re-piled and then extended out further. Homegrown Builders project managed everything. We lived in the front part of the house while the work was going on and so we got an update every day on what was happening. It also enabled us to see how much attention to detail they paid to everything which was very comforting. For the first part of project there was only a piece of plywood that separated our living space from their work space so we could actually hear what was going on and how well they operated. Fraser dealt with anything unexpected that arose without complaint or concern and was super-efficient.

We got so used to having the team around that when they left it was weird. We made sure to have them back a year later when we needed to finish off more work.

Something that Fraser and Mike did that really impressed us was take the plans that we had and improve them for us. For example, we lowered the house which wasn’t part of the original plan.

They were also really knowledgeable on all the internal fittings and what would look good. Their advice was so valuable that the project actually turned out better than planned.


Renovation and extension, Grey Lynn

Challenges: we started out thinking that we were going to be doing up just our kitchen after removing a very large internal chimney, but the project quickly escalated into a full rebuild once we realised that our old villa was in desperate need of repair! Along with that came all of the processes associated with resource consent, design of a new home (staying true to the original exterior and footprint) and the build itself.

The Homegrown Experience: Fraser and Mike were incredible throughout the entire process at guiding us through the build; from a project management perspective, to gaining resource consent, to the finer details and finishing touches of the build. Their ability to simplify complex phases of the build helped us to understand progress really well. Furthermore, they went above and beyond to find us the right tradesmen and materials to ensure that the finished product was spectacular. No stone was left unturned in terms of the options that were considered for every part of our build – and the care that went into the build can be seen in a beautiful home that we are ecstatic with. One thing that really stood out was Fraser and Mike’s dedication to getting the job done at 110% effort: they worked incredibly hard, long hours on what was a difficult project, to the extent that our neighbours commented on how hard they worked!

Satisfaction: we love our home and all of the beautiful detailing. This is down to Fraser and Mike’s guidance and innovative thinking. We loved working with the Homegrown team and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them time and time again.

The Team: I think you’d be hard pressed to find a harder working, more professional and trustworthy team than Homegrown. They work hard at building good relationships with their clients to really understand their individual needs. Their relationships with external trade partners is also fantastic and they only recommend partners that are up to their very high standard of work.

The End Result: owing to the dedication from the Homegrown team we have the most beautiful, modern, open and inviting home that we love. It’s the little things that really make the difference; Fraser and Mike had advice and ideas right down to the smallest of details which really put the cherry on the top of the project.

What sets HGB apart? Their team are the best in the business: smart, efficient, dedicated and innovative.


House restoration and renovation, Ponsonby

I used Fraser for a bathroom renovation and he subsequently used other subcontractors to work in with him on the job.

He was very professional, always kept me in the loop with what was happening, and the finished job was of a very high standard.

I would definitely use him again and recommend him highly to others and he was totally trustworthy, very professional and pleasant to deal with as well as organising other tradespeople that were needed so a one stop shop. Hassle free and easy.…


Bathroom renovation, Manukau

I recently completed a downstairs renovation project (including a bathroom) and I could not fault Fraser and his team. I would rarely give out such a positive review, but upon reflection, I could not find any faults with my recent experience with Homegrown Builders.

From the initial estimate (which ended up being quite precise even with a number of variations along the way) to the professionalism, ongoing communication, attention to detail, flexibility and quality of workmanship, I was really impressed with Homegrown Builders. Value for money was definitely achieved and it was really noticeable how much the team wanted to exceed our expectations.

I would not hesitate to use Homegrown Builders again. Thanks to Fraser and the team for an excellent result


House renovation, Glendowie